The Winnebago Park District, created in 1999, was established to provide recreational opportunities for fun, health and education for the members of the Winnebago community.  Since our creation in 1999, we have expanded by obtaining a OSLAD grant from the Illinois Department of  Resources.  In this grant we have provided three (3) soocer fields, a baseball diamond, softball diamond, two (2) tennis courts, a basketball court, a memorial playground, as well as a walking path, and an area for frisbee golf.  Under the leadership of our new Director, Michelle Cunningham, the Winnebago Park District will continue to strive to give the commuinty a beautiful park in its recreational endevors.

Working with a budget of $101,000.00 yearly, the Winnebago Park District continues to meet and exceed the expectations of the community with its program offerings for any age.  Encompassed in this budget is our full time Park Director, Michelle Cunningham, who took over the park district in the Summer of 2013 and has provided a strong internal organization structure while also expanding program offerings and working on future developments within the park.  Mrs. Cunningham is assisted by Jen Viel as the part time Program Coordinator.

Overseeing Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Viel is a five (5) person elected board.  Each member of the Park District Board of Commissioners brings their own expertise to the Winnebago Park District, while providing guidance for the overall success of the district.

If you wish to contact the Winnebago Park District or request Freedom of Information Acts documents, you may do so electronically by opening the contact tab at our website, or by addressing your concerns to our office at:

Winnebago Park District

PO Box 516
301 N. Church St.

Winnebago, IL 61088