Winnebago Park District Soccer

Winnebago Soccer

Co-Ed Spring Soccer

UU11, U13 & U15 season is under way! Click here for the schedule.
Shin guards are required. No metal cleats. Mouth guard recommended but not required. No jewelry, barrettes and watches may be worn. Headers at U15 only.

U11- Born in 2010 or 2011
U13- Born in 2008 or 2009
U15- Born in 2006 or 2007

Registration Fee: $50 for WPD District Residents; $60 for non WPD Resident.
Deadline: Friday, March 5

Co-Ed Spring Soccer is open to 4 – 10 yrs old - Deadline March 26 

Co-Ed Spring Soccer will begin when the weather permits mid April. The league is open to 4 year old thru 10 yrs old or fourth grade. Games and practices will be played on Tuesdays, Wednesday and/or Thursdays in the Sports Park at 6 p.m. Players will have more touches on the ball with smaller teams. We will only take as many players as we have coaches for. Volunteer coaches needed at every level.

U6 -Birth Year 2015
U7 - Birth Year 2014
U9 -Birth Year 2012/2013

Ball sizes will be #3 for U6 and U7, #4 for U9, U11 and #5 for U13 and U15. We are encouraging players to bring their own soccer balls.

Volunteer coaches needed at every level. We ask the coaches and parents help keeping the kids safe during practice and games.

Fall Soccer

Fall Soccer is for boys and girls ages 4 - 15(not in High School) (Kids must be 4 yrs old before July 1, 2021). Winnebago Park District is a member of the Mid Northern Soccer League. Winnebago will host 3-4 games during the season along with Byron, Stillman Valley/Davis Junction, Oregon and Polo.

Teams will now be divided by ages not grades. Below is the breakdown of ages. This is how the teams will be put together for 2020 season.

Division - Age - Eligible Birth dates.  Please put DOB in the notes when registering.

Age Divisions: U6 (4-5 year olds), U7 (6-7 year olds), U9 (8-9 year olds), U11 (10-11 year olds), U13(12-13 year olds) and U15(14-15 year olds)

U6 & U7 will play 4 v 4. Goalie is allowed and will wear a pennie but is not allowed to cross mid field.
U8 & U9 will play 9 v 9.
U11, U13, & U15  will play 11 v 11.

Games are Saturdays August - October. Practice days and times are determined by the coach. First game TBD. Tournament for 4-6th and 6-8th is in October.

Equipment needed: shine guards, tennis shoes or completely molded cleats, water bottle, mouth guard(recommended but not required), soccer ball.

Ball sizes - Size #3 for U6; Size #4 for U8 & U10; Size #5 for U12 & 14 We encourage all players to bring their own ball.

Volunteer coaches needed at all levels

Note:  Parents will be required to put in volunteer hours for the concession trailer during home games.